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Southern Laboratory and Industrial provides laboratory solutions in specialty gas generation, ultra high purity water processing and filtration, as well as power protection and backup.  Through our installation and service capabilities, we are able to offer a true turn-key solution to our clientele, and back it up with industry best service and support. 


LNI Swissgas Premium Gas Generators

Premium Laboratory Gas Generators

LNI Swissgas is a manufacturer of premium gas generators for on-site gas production, premium gas mixers and premium gas calibrators. Products featuring renowned Swiss quality and precision, combined with Italian creativity and design and ongoing research, fulfill all the requirements of analytical, industrial, environmental and laser applications with the highest efficiency, reliability and precision.

In addition to continuous improvement and updates to meet new needs, we also are committed to reducing energy consumption, an environmentally friendly aspect that is often neglected on similar equipment. LNI Swissgas is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. To insure the highest quality, LNI Swissgas has got ISO 17025 accreditation of its Gas Flow Standard laboratory.


Hydrogen Generation Solutions

Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We serve industries, energy and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology. Since its foundation in 1927, Nel has a proud history of development and continual improvement of hydrogen plants. Our hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain from hydrogen production technologies to manufacturing of hydrogen fueling stations, providing all fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as conventional vehicles today.

NXT Power Protection

Transformer based UPS and Power Conditioners

Power quality is the lifeblood of Analytical Instruments. NXT Power's solutions are tailored to the unique needs of these technologically complex systems. A leading global provider of advanced power quality solutions. NXT Power’s transformer-based power conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies provide complete power quality solutions to the medical, industrial, and retail technologies markets

Industrial Onsite Gas Systems

Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation Solutions

On Site Gas Systems is a pioneer in oxygen and nitrogen generator technology. Many of our original generator systems are still going strong after 27 years. Our precision-engineered oxygen and nitrogen generation systems are used throughout the world in mission-critical applications, across dozens of industries

Ibis Scientific Laboratory Consumables

Analytical Laboratory Supplies

Ibis Scientific, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada is a direct marketer and supplier of analytical laboratory products and certified reference standards to analysts throughout North America.  As a leading provider of standards and consumables for GC/LC, and ICP/ICP-MS instrumentation.  The company's core product offering has a wide range of analytical instrument components, high-purity standard solutions and reagents, plus many other general labware consumables for the clinical/toxicology, pharmaceutical, environmental, petrochemical, and cannabis testing laboratories.

Lab Water Purification Systems

Lab Water Purification Systems

With more than 80 years' experience dedicated to solely pioneering water purification systems.We are absolute specialists in the engineering, service and support of water purification systems. Dedicated to research and innovative product and solution design, we work closely with leading laboratory instrument companies to customize and develop solutions for specific requirements.


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